Masks on, polluted smoggy air, sun shining through and one big wall to climb. As we arrived at the base of the wall, all I could do was look up and breathe. One of the seven wonders of the whole world right in front of me. I heard once that it takes 40 minutes for a professional hiker to hike the wall, so my goal was just around that time right? Well, I began walking up – I mean walking vertically up stairs the size of my calf. I took my mask off because it was too hard to breathe and the air became fresher. I made it to the first small building, a place to rest the knees and up and up again. There were different sized steps, and we peeked through the windows of different shapes and sizes with the views of mountains that looked like they went on forever and the wall that wrapped around each mountain. Up and up the stairs and then a steep ramp. I stopped to look through the windows and then the wall and mountains that encapsulated me. One more big flight of thick stairs and I’m at the top. The top of the Great Wall of China. The pathway opens up wider and the last building. We high fived the wall, thanked it and then thought, “what has nobody done at the top before?” Or “we don’t know exactly what anyone has done” so Alyssa, and I rolled down the stairs at the top. Every roll felt like we were falling off the wall into the abyss of mountains.

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